Our committee is elected each year by the members of the Social Work and Human Services Student Association at our AGM in October. Our Committee consists of a President, Treasurer and Secretary plus members of the association that also sit on the Committee.


Let me introduce to our committee:


Executive Committee


David Pham



Yasmin Fleur



John Slaven


Other Committee Members:

Kris Flint

  • Bachelor of Social Work 2013-2017

A lovely friend asked me to be in the committee as the token photographer during my first semester. I thought it would be a great chance to keep up some creative work and meet some other would be social workers. Since then I’ve also enjoyed being the graphic designer for the committee, loved getting to know other students from different years (people who I have learned a great deal from), as well as valuing the social aspect of helping to organize a couple of parties and the opportunity to facilitate a cultural diversity event. 

I’ve been a graphic designer for 25 years and still try and earn a bus fare by working from home, but my most loved hobbies revolve around a theme of itchy feet; travelling, taking photos, hiking in nature and sharing my perspective through blogging. You can find me over here: www.2sporks1cup.com

Harry Nolan-Holmes

  •  Bachelor of Human Services 2012 – 2014

Being the sole Human Services student on the SWHSSA Committee i try and represent the interest of all undergraduate human services students. Being a bubbly and fun person along with a guy who knows computer science and photography, i have spawned into the everything IT guy managing anything online for the SWHSSA.

I am heavily involved in social justice movements such as the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and the Oaktree foundation. I want to use my skills to create positive social change and leave society better than how i received it. I am a photographer and enjoy capruting the moment. I have created projects that link my passions and skills in the best which is a lot of fun.

If you want to know more about me or my photography, check it out at www.picturesthatspeak.com


Trudi Brindley

  • Masters of Social Work Studies 2014-2015
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science 2010-2012

Hey Guys! 
For those of you that already know me, you would understand when I say that I am a VERY social person!! What better way to combine my social self with the diversity of university life, than becoming a SWHSSA committee member. While my specialised role on this fantastic team is event management, it’s great to have a say in everything our committee does for the student body. Although I love my social events, I believe that it is equally important, especially for our future selves to invest time in networking and career based events. While being on the committee creates opportunities to have our say – we couldn’t do it without our fellow students. So please if you have ideas for future events, don’t hesitate to contact me via email.

A little bit about me?
To say I love to travel would be an understatement, I’ve visited over 25 countries! No, I don’t like going overseas to sit at the poolside all day (although I wouldn’t complain), I love to explore! Riding on a local bus, or train, sitting on the back of a Tuan’s motorbike feeling like he’s going a little too fast for my liking through the twists and turns of the Vietnamse Central Highlands, or even travelling by camel or elephant to a local festival. That’s my kind of travel, not being afraid to go somewhere I’ve never been before. When I’m not busy being consumed with Wanderlust, or my social life, I’m focussing on my studies. I have a strong desire to work within the bounds of Criminal Justice or Rehabilitation. I believe that exchanging stories and knowledge is the best way to learn, so I would love to talk to anyone else interested in this field. Feel free to send me an email, I know we a scarce few!

contact me at: trudi-brindley@hotmail.com

Jack Margaritis



Alex Freeman

  • Diploma of Social Work 2004-2007
  • Bachelor of Social Work 2010-2014

I chose public relations because I’m keen to connect our awesome association and members with the public, especially the social work industry. As a proud member of the AASW, I will liaise with human services and social work organisations to seek any employment and funding opportunities. Meanwhile, I will am devoted to creating a link between the academic & industry.

I’m currently in my 4th year of Social Work. The reason I love this degree is because of the opportunity to help people and contribute to the community. I have finished my first field placement in a multicultural background agency for helping refugees. In next month, I will be doing my final placement in Community Development Sector.

Contact me on: alexinau2010@gmail.com